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Article 1: Purpose

These Terms and Conditions stipulate the rights and obligations, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between DAYAMONZ Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") and the users regarding the use of all game services provided through mobile devices and PCs, and related network, websites, and other services (hereinafter referred to as "Services").


Article 2: Definitions


Refers to a person who has entered into a use agreement in accordance with these terms and conditions and uses the services provided by the Company.

Temporary Member

Refers to a member who uses the services without linking or authenticating account information with an external account or by using the guest login mode.

Mobile Device

Refers to a device that can download or install content through a network, including mobile phones, smartphones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and tablets.

Account Information

Refers to the information provided by the member to the Company, such as member number, external account information, device information, nickname, profile picture, friends list, game usage information (character information, items, levels, etc.), and payment information.


Refers to all digital content created by the Company in relation to the service provided via mobile devices and PCs, whether paid or free (including games, network services, applications, game money, game items, etc.).

Paid Payment

Refers to the act of purchasing or using content within the service through a payment method recognized by the Company.

Open Market

Refers to an e-commerce environment where applications can be installed and paid for.

Affiliate Service

Refers to any service that uses the subscription information of users who have joined the platform of another company for the purpose of providing services.

Payment Agency

Refers to an entity that provides electronic payment means that can be used in the open market, such as credit card and mobile phone payment.


Refers to any program that is downloaded or installed through the open market and platform to use the services provided by the Company.

※ The definitions of terms are as defined by relevant laws and general practices.


​Article 3: Disclosure, Effectiveness, and Amendment of Terms and Conditions

Disclosure of Terms and Conditions

The Company shall post the contents of the terms and conditions in a manner that members can be aware of, within the game service or on a connected screen.


If the Company amends the terms and conditions, it shall specify the application date, content of the amendment, and reason for the amendment and disclose it at least seven days prior to the application date in the manner specified in paragraph 1. However, if the amendment is unfavorable to the member or involves significant matters, it shall be disclosed 30 days prior to the application date.

When amending the terms and conditions, the Company will check the member’s consent to the amended terms after the notice. If the member does not express an intention to agree or disagree to the amended terms, it shall be considered as consent. If the member does not agree to the amended terms, either the Company or the member may terminate the service use agreement.


Article 4: Conclusion and Application of the Use Agreement

Use Agreement

The use agreement is concluded when a person who wishes to become a member agrees to the contents of these terms and conditions, applies for the use of the service, and the Company approves the application.

Rejection of Application for Use

The Company may reject applications for use that fall under any of the following:

If the application is falsified or does not meet the requirements.

If the application is made through abnormal or circumvention methods in a country where the Company does not provide or has not decided to provide services.

If the application is made for the purpose of engaging in activities prohibited by current laws, such as the Act on the Promotion of Game Industry.

If the application is made with the intent to disrupt public order and morals or harm the interests of the Company.

If the application is made for fraudulent purposes.

If the application is made for the purpose of seeking profit.

If the application is made through a mobile device, program, etc., that the Company has restricted for use.

If the application is deemed inappropriate for approval due to reasons similar to the above.

Reservation of Use Application

The Company may reserve approval if any of the following applies:

If there is no room in the Company’s facilities, it is difficult to support specific mobile devices, or there are technical issues.

If there are technical issues such as service or payment method failures.

If there are reasons similar to the above that make it difficult to approve the application.

Restriction and Termination of Use Agreement

The Company may restrict or terminate the use agreement in accordance with these terms if the reasons for reservation or rejection are confirmed after the conclusion of the use agreement.

Provision of Temporary Member Functions

The Company may provide temporary member functions for the convenience of users. However, if certain conditions are met, such as changing the mobile device, modifying or resetting the device, or deleting the application or part of the content, the account information may be deleted or become untraceable. In such cases, the Company does not guarantee the restoration of account information and is not liable for compensation.


Article 5: Supplementary Provisions

Matters not stipulated in these terms and conditions and the interpretation thereof shall be governed by relevant laws such as the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Act on the Promotion of Game Industry, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, the Content Industry Promotion Act, and general practices.


Article 6: Operational Policies

For the application of the terms, necessary matters and specifics delegated by the terms may be defined as game service operational policies (hereinafter referred to as "operational policies"), which the Company will disclose within the game service or on a connected screen. If the operational policies are amended, the procedures in Article 3(2) will apply. However, if the amendment falls under any of the following, the notice will be given in advance:

If the amendment is within the scope specifically delegated by the terms.

If the amendment is not related to the rights and obligations of the members.

If the amendment does not fundamentally differ from the contents of the terms and is within the range that members can predict.


Article 7: Protection and Use of Personal Information

The Company follows its Privacy Policy and, due to the nature of the service, information such as nicknames, character photos, status information, etc., that do not involve personal information may be disclosed.

Except for requests from related national institutions under relevant laws, the Company does not provide personal information to third parties without the member’s consent.

The Company is not responsible for damages caused by the leakage of personal information or account information due to the member’s fault.


Article 8: Obligations of the Company

The Company shall faithfully comply with the rights and obligations stipulated by relevant laws and these terms and conditions.

The Company shall have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that members can safely use the service, and shall disclose and comply with its Privacy Policy.

The Company shall make every effort to repair or restore facilities without delay in case of equipment failure or data loss during continuous and stable service improvement operations unless there are unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters, emergencies, or insurmountable obstacles with current technology.


Article 9: Obligations of Members

Members shall not engage in the following acts related to the use of the services provided by the Company:

Registering false information or using another person’s information when applying or changing membership information.

Acquiring, using, trading, gifting, or transferring game information (ID, character, items, game money, etc.) through abnormal methods not provided by the Company.

Impersonating a Company employee or operator, posting or sending emails by pretending to be another person, or falsely stating relationships with others.

Using another person’s credit card, wireless/wired phone, bank account, etc., fraudulently purchasing content, or using another member’s ID and password.

Collecting, storing, posting, or distributing another member’s personal information without authorization.

Engaging in gambling, sharing obscene or vulgar information, linking to obscene sites, transmitting or distributing content that causes discomfort, fear, or disgust to others.

Using the service for commercial, business, advertising, promotional, political, or election purposes.

Unauthorized copying, distributing, promoting, or commercially using information obtained through the Company’s services, exploiting known or unknown bugs.

Deceiving others for profit, causing harm to others through the service.

Infringing on the Company’s or others' intellectual property or portrait rights, damaging the reputation or causing harm to others.

Transmitting or distributing viruses, computer codes, files, programs designed to interfere with or destroy the normal operation of software, hardware, or telecommunication equipment.

Modifying applications, adding or inserting other programs into applications, hacking or reverse engineering servers, leaking or changing source code or application data, building separate servers, or impersonating the Company by arbitrarily changing or using parts of the website.

Using, distributing, or attempting to use or distribute software or applications that correspond to the acts in items 11 or 12.

Paying others to progress in the game on behalf of the member (e.g., proxy leveling).

Any other acts that violate related laws, public order, or social norms.

Members are responsible for managing their accounts and mobile devices and must not allow others to use them. The Company is not responsible for any damage caused by poor management of mobile devices or allowing others to use them.

Members must set and manage security measures, such as payment passwords, to prevent fraudulent payments in open markets. The Company is not responsible for damages caused by the member’s negligence.

The Company may specify the specific content of the following acts, and members must comply with them:

Account names, character names, guild names, and other names used in the game.

Chat content and methods.

Methods of using bulletin boards and other services.

Affiliate service policies and other necessary matters.


Article 10: Provision of Services

The Company may provide additional services along with the services specified in these terms.

The Company may differentiate the use based on member grades by dividing usage time, usage frequency, and the scope of provided services.


Article 11: Use of Services

Game services are provided according to the Company's business policies for the specified time. The Company will inform the service provision time appropriately within the game service or through announcements. Unless otherwise indicated or announced, services are provided 24 hours a day.

Notwithstanding paragraph 1, the Company may temporarily suspend all or part of the services in the following cases. In such cases, the Company will announce the reason and period of suspension on the game application’s initial screen or within the game service. However, if there are unavoidable circumstances where prior notice cannot be given, it may be notified afterward.

If system maintenance, server expansion and replacement, network instability, or other necessary system operations occur.

If normal service provision is impossible due to power outages, service facility failures, service usage surges, maintenance or inspections by telecommunication service providers, etc.

If a situation beyond the Company's control occurs, such as war, incidents, natural disasters, or national emergencies.

The Company provides services through dedicated applications or networks for mobile devices. Members can download and install applications or use services through networks, either for free or for a fee.

Paid content can be used only after paying the specified fees for the respective services. Using the network to download applications or use services may incur separate charges set by the member’s mobile carrier.

Services provided through downloaded applications or network services are tailored to the characteristics of mobile devices or mobile carriers. Changing the mobile device, changing the phone number, upgrading or changing the operating system (OS), roaming overseas, or changing carriers may result in the inability to use all or part of the game services, and the Company is not responsible for this.

Services provided through downloaded applications or networks may include background processes. Additional charges may be incurred based on the characteristics of mobile devices or mobile carriers, and the Company is not responsible for such charges.

Notwithstanding paragraph 1, if the service provision is restricted or prohibited by relevant laws, industry self-regulation codes, or specific times or methods, the service may not be provided, and the Company is not responsible for this.


Article 12: Affiliate Services

Affiliate services are services that can be used with other members using other platforms.

Before using the service, members must agree to provide and use personal information, including personal profiles on the mobile platform, for the service provision. If members do not agree, there may be restrictions on service use.

The Company may provide multiple services through affiliate services. Members who wish to terminate the use of the services must apply for termination (withdrawal) separately for each service they have subscribed to.

Affiliate services are provided using the member information of the respective services. If a member loses membership qualifications or withdraws from each affiliate service, the service may not be provided normally.

Deleting the installed application may delete the member’s account information. Therefore, please check before deleting.


Article 13: Service Changes and Suspension

The Company may change the service for operational or technical needs for smooth service provision and will announce the change within the service in advance. However, for bug fixes, errors, urgent updates, or non-critical changes, the notice may be given afterward.

The Company may suspend all services due to significant operational reasons, such as business transfer, division, merger, termination of game provision contracts, or significant service profitability deterioration. In such cases, the suspension date, reason for suspension, and compensation conditions will be notified to the members 30 days before the suspension date on the initial screen of the game service or a connected screen.

In the case of paragraph 2, unused content provided through paid payments or content with remaining usage periods will be refunded and compensated according to the Content User Protection Guidelines.


Article 14: Collection of Information

The Company may store and retain the contents of chats between members (including messages, whispers, etc. within the service). This information is only available to the Company. The Company may view this information only for dispute resolution, complaint handling, or game order maintenance, and third parties may view it only if they are authorized by law.

If the Company or a third party views the information in paragraph 1, the Company will notify the member of the reason and scope of the viewing in advance. However, for investigations, processing, verification of member obligations, or damage relief related to such acts, the information may be viewed and notified afterward.

The Company may collect and use member's mobile device information (settings, specifications, OS version, carrier information, etc.) excluding personal information for smooth and stable service operation and quality improvement.

The Company may request additional information from members for service improvement and introduction of member-targeted services. Members can accept or refuse such requests, and the Company will inform the members that they can refuse.


Article 15: Provision of Advertising

The Company may post advertisements within the service in relation to the operation of the service.

Advertisements may be sent by email, SMS, push notifications, etc., to members who have agreed to receive them. Members can opt out at any time, and the Company will stop sending advertisements upon refusal.

Services provided through banners or links within the Company’s service may connect to third-party advertisements or services.

In the case of paragraph 3, the Company does not guarantee the reliability or stability of services provided by third parties and is not responsible for any damages to members from such services.


Article 16: Copyright

The copyrights and other intellectual property rights to all content produced by the Company within the service belong to the Company.

Members shall not use information with intellectual property rights belonging to the Company or providers obtained through the Company’s services for commercial purposes or let others use it without prior consent.

Members allow the Company to use, edit, and modify user content (including communications, images, sounds, and all materials and information uploaded or transmitted by users through services) in the following ways and conditions:

Using, editing, changing the format, and other modifications (including publication, duplication, performance, transmission, distribution, broadcasting, creation of secondary works, etc., without limitations on usage period and region)

Not selling, renting, or transferring user content for transaction purposes without prior consent.

For content not expressed within the service or unrelated to the service (e.g., general posts on bulletin boards), the Company will not use it without the member’s explicit consent. Members can delete such user content at any time, and the rights and responsibilities for the content belong to the member.

If the Company deems posts within the service to violate member obligations under Article 9, it may delete, move, or refuse registration without prior notice.

Members whose legal interests are infringed by information posted on the Company’s bulletin boards may request deletion or rebuttal. The Company will take necessary action and notify the applicant.

This article remains effective while the Company operates the service and continues after member withdrawal.


Article 17: Use of Content

Content provided through paid payments within the service belongs to the member's account information and can be used on mobile devices logged in with that account. However, temporary members can only use it on the device where the application was downloaded or installed.

The usage period of content provided through paid payments follows the period specified at purchase. If service suspension occurs under Article 13(2), the usage period of content without a specified period is until the announced service suspension date.

Content consumed during use (hereinafter referred to as "game assets") provided through paid payments or free of charge can be prioritized without payment during use. However, exceptions apply if separate usage priorities are specified in the service.


Article 18: Service Use Restrictions

Members must not violate the obligations under Article 9. If they do, the Company may take the following measures, including restricting service use, deleting related information (posts, photos, videos, etc.), and other measures.

Restrict certain privileges: Limiting chat, resetting game information, etc., for a certain period.

Character use restriction: Limiting the use of member characters for a certain period or permanently.

Account use restriction: Limiting the use of member accounts for a certain period or permanently.

Member use restriction: Limiting the use of game services for a certain period or permanently.

If the service use restriction under paragraph 1 is justified, the Company is not responsible for compensating the member for damages.

The Company may suspend the use of accounts until investigations are completed if:

A legitimate report of account hacking or theft is received.

The account is suspected of using illegal programs, being a workshop, or engaging in unlawful activities.

Other reasons similar to the above require temporary suspension.

After the investigation in paragraph 3, if the account was restricted, the Company will extend the usage time or compensate with equivalent content. Exceptions apply if the member falls under the reasons in paragraph 3.


Article 19: Reasons and Procedures for Use Restrictions and Appeals

The Company determines the specific reasons and procedures for use restrictions under Article 18(1) based on various factors, such as the nature, extent, frequency, and results of the violations, and sets them in the operational policies.

When taking use restriction measures under Article 18(1), the Company shall notify the member and announce the following. In unavoidable cases, it may notify afterward.

Reason for use restriction.

Type and duration of use restriction.

Methods for appealing the use restriction.

Members who disagree with the Company’s use restriction measures may submit an appeal specifying the reasons within 15 days from the notification date, in writing, electronically, or other methods.

The Company shall respond and take action within 15 days of receiving the appeal. If a response within 15 days is difficult, the Company will notify the member of the reasons and schedule.


Article 20: Payment

The imposition and payment of purchase fees for content follow the policies or methods set by mobile carriers, open market operators, etc. The limits for each payment method are set or adjusted by the Company, open market operators, payment agencies, or government policies.

When purchasing content in foreign currency, the actual billed amount may differ from the price displayed due to exchange rates, fees, etc.


Article 21: Withdrawal of Subscription

Members who have entered into a purchase contract with the Company for content may withdraw from the contract within seven days from the later of the purchase contract date or the content availability date without incurring any fees or penalties.

Members cannot withdraw from the contract against the Company’s will if:

The content is used or applied immediately upon purchase.

Additional benefits are provided, and the additional benefits have been used.

The content’s utility is determined by opening, and the opening is considered usage.

The Company shall clearly indicate if the content is non-refundable according to paragraph 2, so members can easily recognize it.

Notwithstanding paragraphs 1 and 2, members may withdraw from the purchase contract within three months of the purchase date or within 30 days from the date they knew or could have known if the content differs from the advertised or contract details.

When members withdraw from the purchase contract, the Company can verify the purchase details through the open market operator. The Company may contact members using the provided information to confirm the valid reasons for withdrawal and may request additional evidence.

If the withdrawal is processed under paragraphs 1 to 4, the Company will retrieve the paid content without delay and refund the amount within three business days.

When minors enter into a purchase contract for content on a mobile device, the Company shall inform them that the contract can be canceled by the minor or their legal guardian without the legal guardian’s consent. If the minor enters into a purchase contract without the legal guardian’s consent, the minor or legal guardian can cancel the contract. However, if the minor uses property permitted by the legal guardian, or the minor deceives the Company into believing they are an adult or have the guardian’s consent, the contract cannot be canceled.

Whether the purchase contract party is a minor is determined based on the mobile device used, the person executing the payment, and the name on the payment method. The Company may request documents to prove the minor’s status and the legal guardian’s consent.


Article 22: Refund of Overpayment

The Company will refund overpayments to the member. However, if the overpayment is caused by the member’s fault without the Company’s intentional or negligent actions, the member will bear the actual costs of the refund within reasonable limits.

Paid payments follow the payment methods provided by the open market operator. Members must request refunds from the Company or the open market operator for overpayments. However, depending on the open market operator’s policies and systems, the Company may request the open market operator to carry out the necessary refund procedures.

Communication charges (call charges, data charges, etc.) incurred from downloading applications or using network services are excluded from refunds.

Refunds are processed according to the refund policies of the open market operator or the Company, depending on the type of operating system on the mobile device.

Content acquired without paid payment or provided for free through internal or external events by the Company is excluded from refunds.

To process refunds, the Company may contact members using the provided information and request necessary information.


Article 23: Termination of Contract

Members may terminate the use agreement by using the service menu or contacting customer service to request withdrawal. Upon completion of the withdrawal, all game information (scores, characters, items, game money, etc.) will be deleted and cannot be recovered. Deleting the application or unlinking with affiliate services is not considered termination of the use agreement.

If a member violates the terms, operational policies, or engages in prohibited activities, resulting in an unmaintainable contract, the Company may notify the member and suspend or terminate the service within a specified period.

Refunds and compensation for termination under paragraphs 1 and 2 are processed according to the Content User Protection Guidelines.

To protect members’ personal information, the Company may terminate the use agreement and take measures such as destroying personal information if the member has not used the service for one year since the last use. The Company will notify the member 30 days before taking such measures.


Article 24: Compensation for Damages

If the Company or member violates these terms and causes damage to the other party, the responsible party shall compensate for the damages. However, if there is no intentional or negligent action, there is no liability for compensation.

If members agree to use individual services provided by the Company under a partnership agreement, the individual service provider is responsible for any damages caused by the individual service provider’s fault.


Article 25: Disclaimer of Liability

The Company is not responsible for providing services in case of force majeure, such as natural disasters.

The Company is not responsible for damages caused by maintenance, replacement, regular inspection, construction, or other reasons similar to the service facilities.

The Company is not responsible for service disruptions caused by members’ intentional or negligent actions.

The Company is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of information or materials posted by members within the service, unless there is intentional or gross negligence.

The Company is not obligated to intervene in transactions or disputes between members or third parties through the service and is not responsible for any resulting damages.

The Company is not responsible for damages caused to members using free services.

The Company is not responsible for members' expected profits or losses from using the service.

The Company is not responsible for the loss of game information (experience, level, items, game money, etc.).

The Company is not responsible for unauthorized third-party payments caused by members not managing passwords or security settings on their mobile devices or open market accounts.

The Company is not responsible if content functions cannot be used due to mobile device changes, phone number changes, OS upgrades or changes, roaming, or carrier changes.

The Company is not responsible for the deletion of content or account information by members.

The Company is not responsible for damages caused to temporary members using the service.


Article 26: Notification to Members

The Company may notify members by email, electronic memo, in-service messages, LMS/SMS, etc.

For notifications to all members, the Company may replace individual notifications by posting them within the game service or presenting a popup screen for seven days or more.

Article 27: Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed and interpreted by the laws of the Republic of Korea. In case of a dispute between the Company and the members, the competent court is determined according to the procedures stipulated by the laws.

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